About 7seeds Japan

7seeds Japan started as a volunteer group among friends for disaster relief after 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake and tsunami. During its initial phase, we received support from friends and families around us to continue our activities. After 4 years of working in Tohoku, we realized that there are widespread issues that are not only found in disaster areas but also all over Japan. Our initiatives within the disaster areas evolved over time from rubble clean up to community rebuilding. It is the community that we moved our focus to. Japan is going through a shift in society that is aging and shrinking rapidly. Rural villages are ones that are hit hardest by this shift. There are common characteristics we see in these marginal communities where most active labor force moving into urban areas while rural communities are being left behind. 


Uncertainty of Japanese economic future and shrinking population does not guarantee sustainable rural communities. Many of these communities are marketing themselves towards major cities such as Tokyo to revive its economy, and to attract people to move into their villages. The competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Also, if the population of Japan is declining, what is the point of trying to get people to move into one village? That means more villages will be struggling with sharper decline. Our goal instead, is to create connections between the marginal communities and other communities within Japan and overseas. Instead of creating people who would be heavily involved in a single community, we choose to create  larger number of "fans" of the communities. We aim to sustain as many communities as possible through various community development programs. We believe that a key to reviving Japanese rural economies to initiate a shift in target audience. The current focus is to attract capital and labor from major cities within the country. Our suggestion is to stay away from focusing too much on Tokyo, Osaka and other urban areas in Japan, and focus on partnering with other rural communities and bringing financial and labor resources from overseas. 


For details f our programs, please check out our Projects page.